Daylily Cooking Quail Egg Recipe

Daylily Cooking Quail Egg

A moderate amount of daylily, quail eggs, salt, cooking oil
A spoon of flour

1. Clean the daylily, then soak it in warm water 20 minutes, dry it for using;
2. Prepare quail eggs: Quail eggs pre-warming------quail egg boiling -------quail egg cooling--------quail egg peeling and shelling

daylily image

dried daylily

3. Wrapped a layer of flour to boiled and peeled quail egg evenly, thus it is easy to fry;
4. Heat oil until medium rare, pour the wrapped flour quail eggs into oil, and fry them in small fire, until the two sides are all golden.
4. Pour daylily into oil pan, and fry it 2 minutes;

quail eggs


peeled quail eggs

5. Then pour a moderate amount of water, follow on put the fried quail eggs into the pan, sprinkle some salt, cover the pot with medium heat for three to five minutes;
6. When the water will disappeared, add a few pieces of lettuce leaf (or chopped green onion), fry them, and plate to eat (or you can add some hot pepper, if you like).

fried quail eggs

Little tips:
When you purchase daylily, chose the dried vegetable. The color is dark yellow, and two ends is a little black, which is the nature and no additive. If the dried daylily is golden and has the beautiful appearance, that is processed daylily. Pay more attention to it.

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