Frozen Strawberry Cheese Cake

frozen strawberry cheese cake

Total Time: 50 min 
Prep: 15 min Inactive: 30 min
Cook: 5 min
Yield: 8 servings
Level: Easy

                      Per serving
                                      Energy: 478 Calories
                                      Protein: 6 g
                                      Carbohydrate: 56 g
                                      Fat: 26 g
                                       Fibre: 1.9 g
                                       Sodium: 275 mg

Ingredients For Making Frozen Strawberry Cheesecake

ingredients for strawberry recipe

※  300g cream cheese;
※  8-10 strawberry;
※  150g whipped cream;
※  80g sugar;
※  30g melted butter;
※  100g crispy biscuits;
※  2 pieces gelatin;
※  1 big spoons lemon juice;
※ chocolate.                                                                  

The Directions of Frozen Strawberry cheesecake Making
1. Crush the biscuits, add the melted butter, and mix them well. After that, press the biscuits in the model substrate, and then put them in the fridge to freeze until turning hard.
2. Put the strawberry in the fruit pulping machine, and soak the gelatin in ice water.
3. Squeeze the moisture after the gelation soaked, melting it without water.
4. Cut the cream cheese into small pieces, and put it in the room temperature to be softness or use the microwave heating for 30 seconds to make it soft.
5. Stir it until no particles, adding some sugar in it, and mix uniformly, at the same time, add lemon juice, strawberry mud, the melt gelatin and mix quickly.
6. Make the whipped cream well, add the cheese paste and mix into the model, smooth the surface. Melt the right amount of chocolate in the pastry bag, and squeezed into the surface of the cake.
7. Use a toothpick to draw lines. Refrigerate it for 3 hours, because frozen taste better.

Top 5 nutrients provided by a serving of this recipe

Nutrient (% DV)*
Calcium: 16 % / 179 mg
Vitamin C: 31 %
Vitamin A: 26 %
Vitamin B12: 24 %
Riboflavin: 21 %

It is better to soak the knife in the hot water when cutting the cake, and dry the water so as to cut out the beautiful cake.
The gelatin can melt after the whipped cream well, then stir in the melted gelatin to least the gelatin solidification.

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