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  • Healthy Corn Bread Recipe

    Healthy Corn Bread Recipe Cornbread is a popular item in soul food enjoyed by many people for its texture and aroma. Native Americans were using ground corn (maize) for food thousands of years before European explorers arrived in the New World.

  • Mexican Rice Recipe

    Mexican Rice Recipe This is a delicious and simple recipe for mexican rice that rivals anything you can get in a restaurant. I have tried different methods in my rice cooker, but cooking it over the stove is so much better. The rice really absorbs the flavors and has a m

  • Rice Pudding Recipe

    Rice Pudding Recipe This is a decadent and creamy rice pudding recipe that you can serve either as a sweet breakfast or for dessert. Rice pudding is also a great way to use up all your leftover rice.

  • Spicy Fried Tofu Recipe

    Spicy Fried Tofu Recipe Do you want to eat different from before? And using tofu as material, now I will introduce you a delicious dish spicy fried tofu.

  • Braised Lentils and Chard Topped with A Poached Egg

    Braised Lentils and Chard Topped with A Poached Egg Braised lentils with chard and a poached egg, an easy recipe, just need materials like chard, olive oil, onion, carrot, dried thyme,very ordinary material, unusual flavor.

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