Chocolate Mocha bread

Chocolate Mocha Bread Recipe

★Dough material

how to make chocolate bread

1. 250g Bread flour
2. 20g cocoa powder
3. 25g eggs                   4. 25g butter
5. 2/3 cup warm water    6. 10g milk powder
7. 40g sugar                    8. 6g yeast


milk powder and egg for making chocolate mocha bread

 ★Mocha skin material
Mocha skin is a strip of leather which squeezed in the bread.
40g powder sugar
40g butter
1 egg
40g flour
5g cocoa powder

chocolate for macho bread making

★Mocha filling material
The best Mocha filling materials are custard powder and hazelnut sauce, or you can use the light cheese and the deep color coffee to instead.
10g whipping cream
20g custard powder
10g hazelnut
10g hot water
3g instant coffee powder
The Directions of Making Chocolate Mocha Bread
1. Put all the dough ingredients into a blender, stir until the dough is smooth and not stick. Put the kneaded dough into the cap fermentation, covering the containers, until the leaven dough volume reached twice of it.
2. Remove the leaven dough out and pat deflated, divide dough into a smooth group of about 70g, then knead into two head pointed strip type. Pad a parchment paper on the baking tray mat; put the dough molding on the baking sheet, again fermentation to twice as large as it.
3. Preheat the bread oven to 200C/390F degrees.
4. Stir the mocha skin materials uniformity, and then fill them into the pastry bag, put on the thick point with crowed flower head. Squeeze the mocha skin on the leaven dough.
5. Roast the bread about 12 minutes; you’d better measure it with the special thermometer, stopping when the internal temperature of the bread reached 190F degrees.
6. Water-opening the coffee powder in the mocha filling, use it when it utterly cold.
7. Mix the whipping cream with a whisk, and then add coffee and other material.
8. When the bread is cool, cut the bread carefully with a bread knife, and cut a big mouth in the middle of the bread.
9. Finally, squeeze the mocha filling into the bread. And you can slice the bread into pieces and enjoy it.

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