Electric Sugarcane Juice Extractor Introduction

electric sugarcane juice machine

Our sugarcane juice extractor is divided into electric type sugarcane juice extractor and manual sugarcane juice extractor. This electric sugarcane juice machine absorbs the latest technology to cater people's modern pursuit of health,  fashion, fast and convenient diet. The sugarcane juice squeezed by this machine is pure green drinks; it tastes sweet and cool, and also rich in nutrition. This electric sugarcane juice extractor is suitable for hotels, fruit shops, cold drink stores, schools, parks and other places.
Electric Sugarcane Juice Extractor Features
1. Delicate design, compact structure.
2. Machine parts contacting food are made of stainless steel, anti-corrosion and anti-rust in order to ensure health.
3. Low power consumption, low noise, high efficiency and easy to move.
4. Juice and slag can be separated automatically, the fresh juice is ready-to-drink.
5. Multiple functions, the electric juice extracting machine also can be used for squeezing ginger, garlic juice.

fresh sugarcane juice made by sugarcane juice extractor

Sugarcane Juice Extractor Instructions
1. Check the machine first before using, clear dirt that inside the machine, and plus lubricant in the gear and the oil cup.
2. Determine the diesel engine or the power of the machine conforms to the requirements, and ensure the rotation in the right direction.
3. Start the sugarcane machine first until the machine is operating normally and then squeeze the sugar cane.
Automatic Sugarcane Juice Extractor Use & Maintenance
1. Prompt cleaning is very important.
2. Timely add the lubricating oil in bearing and gear place.
3. If the sugarcane juice extractor suddenly stops during operation, please turn the power off first, and then check the machine and motor circuit.
Automatic Sugarcane Juice Extractor Technical Parameters

Model Capacity Roller speed Outline size Voltage Power Net weight
AZS-ST3 300 kg/h 25 r/min 390×290×540 mm 220v/50Hz 750 w 77 kg

Video of Sugarcane Juice Machine

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