• Fruit Slicing Machine

    The fruit slicing machine is used to cut the fruit into pieces.Applicable for apple,orange,banana,kiwi fruit and so on.

    Fruit Slicing Machine
  • Electric Sugarcane Juice Extractor

    Used for making fresh sugarcane juice.Easy operation and energy saving.Good choice for fruit shop,cold drink stores, etc.

    Electric Sugarcane Juice Extractor
  • Manual Sugarcane Juice Extractor

    This manual type sugarcane juice machine enjoys great popularity with families and shop juice shop.

    Manual Sugarcane Juice Extractor
  • Spiral Juice Extractor

    Can be used for making fresh vegetable & fruit juice.This juice extractor is featured with high juicing rate and easy operation.

    Spiral Juice Extractor
  • Pomegranate Peeling&Crushing Machine

    The main function is to go crush the pomegranate shell and separate the peel from the pomegranate seeds.

    Pomegranate Peeling&Crushing Machine
  • Fruit Peeling Machine

    Controlled by PLC control panel, this fruit peeling machine has high peeling rate and wide application.

     Fruit Peeling Machine
  • Grape Crusher Destemmer

    Put grape into the grape crusher destemmer, you can get fresh grape pulp.The grape stems are discharged automatically.

    Grape Crusher Destemmer
  • Fruit Juice/Bottle Water Filling Machine

    High automation of bottle washing, beverage filling and capping. Wide applied to mineral/pure water,fruit juice,etc. processing industry.

    Fruit Juice/Bottle Water Filling Machine
  • Fruit Coring and Pulping Machine

    Integrate coring and pulping function into one. Suitable for various fruits. The fruit pulp and fruit cores are discharged automatically.

    Fruit Coring and Pulping Machine
  • Apple Peeling Machine

    Specially designed for peeling apples only, little fresh flesh loose and high yield.

    Apple Peeling Machine
  • Peach Peeling Machine

    100% peeling rate; the peeled peaches are in halves which are further processed into caned peaches, etc.

    Peach Peeling Machine
  • Banana Slicing Machine

    Our banana slicing machine can make banana into uniform pieces in an efficient way. The slices thickness is adjustable.

    Banana Slicing Machine
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