Manual Sugarcane Juice Extractor Introduction
This manual type sugarcane juice machine enjoys great popularity with families and shop juice shop. Featured with flexible design, easy operation and low price, this delicate sugarcane juice machine becomes ideal choice for a small business.

manual sugarcane juicer

Manual Sugarcane Juice Extractor Features
1. The sugarcane juice machine has prominent features such as beautiful shape, easy operation, low investment and high production juice.
2. This manual type sugarcane juice machine applies to extracting the fresh juice of sugarcane, fresh and healthy.
3. The extracting rolling wheels use stainless steel materials, and the headpiece components are treated with strict antirust and anticorrosion technologies to make sure they are conform to international sanitary standard.
4. The machine can also be squeezed ginger and fruit juice.
Manual Sugarcane Juice Extractor Applications


It also suitable for hotels, Kara OK hall, fruit shops, cold stores, herbal tea shops, railway stations, supermarkets, service industries to crush a variety of sugar cane.
Usage Instructions
First, cut the sugar cane roots and head, planning the skin before squeezing.
If the cane circle diameter is more than 30mm, it needs to break in half so as not to overload pressure to stop the juicer.
If there is a heavy-duty crush, you can directly reverse shake exit.
After the crushing, it should promptly clean the flush roll and the juice box to maintain clean and non-sticky material.
Plus amount of grease in the transmission gear.
The Nutrition and Efficacy Of Sugarcane
1. The sugar of sugarcane juice is constituted by sucrose, fructose and glucose; It can easily be absorbed by the body.
2. The sugarcane contains large amounts of essential trace elements such as iron, calcium, zinc, phosphorus and manganese.
3. The sugarcane also contains malic acid, citric acid, oxalic acid and other organic acids; it is beneficial to human health.


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Product Name: Manual Sugarcane Juice Extractor
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