Peach Peeling Machine Introduction
We supply complete peach peeling line with customized capacities. Our peach peeling machine can remove the peach skin in an efficient and sanitary way. Made of stainless steel, the peach peeler machine is easy to clean and has long service life. Our peach peeling line can make peaches into halves and slices which can be further processed into candied yellow peach.
Peach Peeling Machine Features

peach peeling machine

1. This fruit peeling machine is made of superior quality stainless steel, up to the standard of food hygiene.
2. Used for peeling peaches before making candied fruit or canned yellow peach food. The peeled peach is in halves.
3. Simple and easy to operate; the peeling rate is reach up to 100%
4. Peach opened half, poured on the conveyor, turned peaches to be made downwards by fruit institutions equipped with the conveyor belt, automatically conveyed into filter alkali skin-peeling-off machine, then enter into the cleaning roller, coming out with clean peeled half peaches.

peach processing line

Peach Peeling Machine Applications
1. This peach processing lines is mainly used for peeling peaches into halves or slices which are further processed into caned peaches.
2. Indispensable peach processing equipment for caned peach factory, preserved peach processing plant, etc.
Peach Peeling Machine Working Principle
Peach opened half, poured on the conveyor, then automatically conveyed to filter alkali skin-peeling-off machine, then entering into the cleaning roller and coming out with clean peeled half peaches.
Technical Parameters of Peach Peeling Machine

Model Capacity Voltage Power Dimensions Weight
AZS-TPL 1-1.5t/h 380V 3Kw 6*1.2*1m 700Kg


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Product Name: Peach Peeling Machine
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