Pomegranate Peeling&Crushing Machine Introduction
Pomegranate peeling and crushing machine is mainly used to peel and crush pomegranate, it is a necessary step for further processing pomegranate such as juicing. The machine’s main function is to go crush the pomegranate shell and separate the peel from the seeds. Pomegranate peeling &crushing machine is indispensable equipment for pomegranate further processing.

pemegranate  peeling and crushing machine

Pomegranate Peeling&Crushing Machine Features
1. This machine is mainly suitable for peeling and crushing various fruits, especially for the pomegranate and grape.
2. It uses broken device to separate the seed and peel of pomegranate.
3. High efficiency with advanced design, the machine body is wholly made of stainless steel.
4. Stirring shaft adopts variable frequency speed control
5. Easy to operate, high quality and low cost.
Pomegranate Peeling&Crushing Machine Structure
This machine is mainly composed of feeding hopper, upper crushing plant, lower crushing plant, rotating sieve, stirring shaft, screw pump and rack components, etc. It’s fully made of stainless steel SUS 304.Mixing shaft is variable frequency speed control.
Pomegranate Peeling&Crushing Machine Working principle
1. The pomegranate is put into the up breaking device through the feed hopper, the up breaking device presses the pomegranate, the space between two rollers is 20mm, then into the below breaking device.
2. The below breaking device presses the pomegranate once again, the space between the two rollers is 10mm.

pomegranate juice made by pomegranate juice extractor

3. The peel is basically separated from the seed after two-stage extrusion.
4. The drop into the separating equipment, with the function of the mixer shaft, the seed drop down from the sieve.
5. The speed of mixer shaft and the belt screen can be adjusted.
6. The peeling rate is more than 97% and breakage rate is less than 1%.
 Pomegranate Value
A. Israel found that pomegranate can delay aging. Insist on drinking the right amount of pomegranate wine or pomegranate juice is beneficial to health and longevity.
B. Pomegranate juice can prevent heart disease; reduce cholesterol oxidation process and protein density.
C. Pomegranate juice can be used to care skin, because it riches in polyphenols and has anti-aging effects.
Pomegranate Peeling&Crushing Machine Technical Parameters

Model Capacity Rotating sieve diameter Rotating sieve speed Power Size Net weight
AZS-SL1 3-5T/H φ400 mm 9.4 r/min    4.8kw 2105×886×1900 mm 858 kg
AZS-SL2 5-10T/H φ1000 mm 9.4 r/min    12.2kw 3800×1000×2300 mm 2000kg


Pomegranate Peeling&Crushing Machine Working Video



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