Complete Set Rice Milling Equipment Introduction
Our emery roller rice milling equipment adopts modern technics and new design ideas, is suitable for grain milling, and the paddy can be processed into high quality rice products rapidly once feeding into the equipment. Due to reasonable design, compact structure, reliable performance, low energy consumption and large capacity, it is ideal equipment for rice processing industry

complete set rice milling equipment

Complete Set Rice Milling Equipment Features
* Advanced and mature technology, reasonable structure design.
* Equipped with air blower device, the bran and rice can be separated automatically.
* Fluent paddy processing techniques, after feeding into the equipment, one time processing can get the standard rice products.
* High production efficiency, finished rice products with good appearance and high purity.
* High automatic degree, large volume, good economic benefit and low energy wasting.
* Superior performance, stable and reliable operation, high peeling rate and no air pollution.
Main Structure of Complete Set Rice Milling Equipment
Our complete set rice milling equipment is equipped with automatic feeding machine,
rubber roller rice huller, air suction type cleaning & stone eliminating machine, gravity separation sieve (for separating the paddy and brown rice), high pressure air blower, fine chaff air blower and emery roller rice milling machine.
Complete Set Rice Milling Equipment Application
The sand roller rice milling equipment is widely used for rice processing for grain distribution station, mountainous area, farms as well as large scale rice milling enterprises.
Maintenance and Repair of Complete Set Rice Milling Equipment
1. The grain moisture content should be less than or equal to 15%, if the grain water content is too high, may cause large grain crushing and affect the rice quality, and the power consumption also increase.
2. The tensioning of air blower belt should be moderate, because the belt too tight may easily damage the bearing.
3. Remember to check the milling machine and ancillary facilities after a day’s work. Handle the found problems in time to ensure the equipment is in good condition.
Complete Set Rice Milling Equipment Technical Data

Type Output(kg/h) Power(kw) Voltage Power engine Weight(kg) Overall dimension
AUS-15/15 1200-1500 17.95 380V/50HZ/3 phase 5 sets 1090 2600*2560*2850mm
AUS-15S 800-1000 17.75 380V/50HZ/3 phase 5 sets 1300 3000*1800*2900mm


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