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Dry Material Grinding Machine Introduction
Multi-Function Mill is suitable for grinding materials of pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, food industry, spice grinding etc; especially for large size production. Up to the standard of food hygiene.

Multifunctional Grinding Machine Features
1. Wide application and large handling capacity.
2. Simple and compact construction; smooth and steady running.
3. The material grinding process is fast and reliable, grinding fitness is adjustable.
4. The surface of the multifunctional grinding machine is smooth, easy to clean.

multifuncitonal grinding machine can process various kinds of dry materials

Multifunctional Dry Material Grinding Machine Applications
1. Pharmaceutical industry:traditional Chinese medicine, medicinal herbs, roots, branches and massive class material.
2. Grains grinding: all kinds of grains with low oil content.
3. Breeding industry for grinding dry grass,etc.
4. Chemical industry for coal slag, etc.
5. Suitable for large size production lines.
How To Grind Materials With Multi-Function Ginder
This multifunctional grinding machine takes advantages of relatively high-speed revolve between removable and fixed fluted disc, make materials through fluted disc impacting, friction and materials collision each other to get crushed.

Cautions To Use Grinding Machines Correctly
1. According to the machine power add appropriate circuit breaker so that protect the machine
2. Make sure someone is nearby when this machine is working
3. If the machine stops running passively, please turn off power supply
Warm Tips For Dry Materials Grinding
With fast grinding speed, the grinding chamber will be of high temperature, so we can customize a water cooling device for you which can prolong the grinding machine service life and ensure better grinding effects.
Multifunctional Grinding Machine Technical Data

Model Capacity Grinding fineness Voltage Power Dimensions Weight
AZS-GM120 30-120 Kg/h 10-120 Mesh 220/380 V 2.2 Kw 480*520*1040 mm 80 kg
AZS-GM180 60-200 Kg/h 10-120 Mesh 380 V 5.5 Kw 750*600*1260 mm 180 kg
AZS-GM320 80-300 Kg/h 10-120 Mesh 380 V 7.5 Kw 780*700*1350 mm 260 kg
AZS-GM500 100-500 Kg/h 10-120 Mesh 380 V 11 Kw 800*900*1550 mm 320 kg


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