• Small Rice Mill Machine

    1.High rate of milled rice, low rice temperature and less rice broken. 2. Low power consumption,less noise and pollution free.

    Small Rice Mill Machine
  • Corn Fine Mill Processing Line

    As multi-functional milling machinery, the complete corn fine mill processing line can grind many materials like corn, wheat, rice, cereals, beans, also used to mill industrial, chemical, pharmaceutical particles.

    Corn Fine Mill Processing Line
  • Full Automatic Vacuum Packing Machine

    Fully automatic vacuum packaging machine can be used to vacuum, fill and pack for all kinds of food, meat products, seafood products, bean products,etc.

    Full Automatic Vacuum Packing Machine
  • Flour Mixing Machine

    The flour mixing machine is suitable for various powders mixing and early preparation of processing noodles,it has convenient operation, high output, well stirring, and full stainless steel materials. This is the most advanced mix equipment in present

    Flour Mixing Machine
  • Vegetable Centrifugal Dewatering Machine

    The centrifugal dewatering machine enjoys great popularity in vegetable and fruit processing industry,it can finish dewatering in short time with high speed and without damage.

    Vegetable Centrifugal Dewatering Machine
  • Vegetable Dehydration Machine

    The vegetable dehydration machine is widely used to remove the surface water of washed and cleaned vegetables,fruits,etc.High efficiency and energy saving.

    Vegetable Dehydration Machine
  • Fruit juice/Milk Filling and Packing Line

    The fruit juice/milk filling and packing line adopts PLC program control system can complete the carton forming,capping and filling process automatically,suitable for kinds of beverage.

    Fruit juice/Milk Filling and Packing Line
  • Vegetable Granule Cutting Machine

    1.The cutter adopts high quality steel or stainless steel material, sharp blade, no corrosion phenomenon of vegetables. 2.The cut vegetables are neat and smooth, in regular shape, having the manual cutting effect.

    Vegetable Granule Cutting Machine
  • Milk Brick Shape Filling and Packing Machine

    1. Made of food grade stainless steel, clean and healthy. 2. PLC control system, easy operation, and high automation degree.

    Milk Brick Shape Filling and Packing Machine
  • Colloid Mill

    The collid mill is multi-functional which ca be used in the fields of Food industry, Chemical industry, Daily chemical, Pharmaceutical industry as well as Construction industry etc. Featured by long lifetime and high accuracy, Azeus would provide you

    Colloid Mill
  • Automatic Dumpling Machine-New Generation

    Automatic samosa machine can make dumplings with wrapper thickness of 0.7-1.1mm, you can adjust freely in this range. Wholly made of stainless steel. Machine working video is available.

    Automatic Dumpling Machine-New Generation
  • Manual Noodle Maker

    With this machine, you can make 2mm and 4mm noodles at free. Wholly made of stainless steel material, safe and sanitary.

    Manual Noodle Maker