• Stainless Steel Fish Deboner Machine

    Used for extracting fish/shrimp flesh. The separated flesh can be directly used as raw materials of fish ball, fish dumpling, fish tofu, etc.

    Stainless Steel Fish Deboner Machine
  • Duck Roaster Oven

    Not only suitable for roasting duck, but also ideal roasting machine for chicken, pork steak, etc. Heating method: electricity or gas.

    Duck Roaster Oven
  • Brush Type Vegetable Washing&Peeling Machine

    This vegetable washing & peeling machine is suitable for processing root vegetables like potato, carrots and fruits like kiwi fruits, etc. High peeling rate, no damage to vegetable and fruits skin.

    Brush Type Vegetable Washing&Peeling Machine
  • Apple Peeling Machine

    Specially designed for peeling apples only, little fresh flesh loose and high yield.

    Apple Peeling Machine
  • Peach Peeling Machine

    100% peeling rate; the peeled peaches are in halves which are further processed into caned peaches, etc.

    Peach Peeling Machine
  • Pressure Chicken Fryer

    Not only suitable for frying chicken and duck, but also for pork ribs, drumstick, crispy strips ,etc. Electricity, electricity & gas mixing engine for choice.

    Pressure Chicken Fryer
  • Banana Slicing Machine

    Our banana slicing machine can make banana into uniform pieces in an efficient way. The slices thickness is adjustable.

    Banana Slicing Machine
  • Fruit Pitting Machine

    It can process different size fruits such as dates, apricot, plum, olive, cherry, crabapple from Φ12 to Φ34

    Fruit Pitting Machine
  • Multi-function Vegetable Cutter Machine

    Suitable for all kinds of root vegetables, stem vegetables, leafy vegetables.Can cut vegetables into different nice shapes: dice, slice, diamond, and curve.

    Multi-function Vegetable Cutter Machine
  • Fruit /Vegetable Dicer Machine

    Suitable for cutting vegetables into cubes and strips. Cubes size: 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15mm.

    Fruit /Vegetable Dicer Machine
  • Automatic Onion Root Cutting Machine

    Specially designed for cutting onion root & head in an efficient and sanitary way.

    Automatic Onion Root Cutting Machine
  • Mushroom Slicing Machine

    This machine is mainly used for slicing mushroom automatically,the slices are of uniform thickness and smooth surface.

    Mushroom Slicing Machine