• Electric Mobile Food Cart

    Some detailed information about the three-wheeled electric mobile food cart 1. Both sides are fiber glass with the characters: high strength, light weight, corrosion resistant, insulating and fire-resistance. 2. The inside and outside of th

    Electric Mobile Food Cart
  • Electric Mobile Food Truck

    This mobile food truchk can be used as mobile restaurant for selling fast food.We can customize the anxillary equipment for you.

    Electric Mobile Food Truck
  • Hand Push Food Trailer

    If you just sell fast food, no need to travel long journey, you can choose the hand push food vendor cart.

    Hand Push Food Trailer
  • Food Concession Trailer

    Most suitable for short distance journey to sell fast food. Large amount of snack food can be stored, ideal investment for street food vending business.

    Food Concession Trailer
  • Hot Dog Machine

    Four models hot dog machines for choice, equip with our food vending trailer, you can starting your own business.

    Hot Dog Machine
  • French Fries Frying Machine

    Made of stainless steel, our french fries frying machine adopts advanced oil water mixed technology to make perfect fried food.Multifunction,safe and healthy machine suitable for food processing enterprises.

     French Fries Frying Machine
  • Measuring Cup Type Packing Machine

    1.PLC computer control system, more stable operation, can not stop to adjust any parameters 2.Double servo motor control, more accurate pulling films and fast speed

    Measuring Cup Type Packing Machine
  • Full Automatic Liquid Packaging Machine

    1.PLC computer control system, stable operation and can adjust any parameters while operation 2.Unique temperature control system and the accuracy can upon 1℃

    Full Automatic Liquid Packaging Machine
  • Automatic Powder Packing Machine

    This powder packing machine can complete the whole packing process from filling to counting, widely used for kinds of material like flour, milk powder, coffee, seasoning powder,etc.

    Automatic Powder Packing Machine
  • Large Vertical Automatic Packaging Machine

    The large vertical automatic packing machine adopt PLC control system,can finished the packing process with labor saving and high speed,application for various of granule, strip, slice,etc.

    Large Vertical Automatic Packaging Machine
  • Automatic Fruit Grading Machine

    1. Integrate PLC control, weighing, logic calculation and statistics function. 2.The main components is imported from German and Switzerland. Good quality, low malfunction and long service time.

    Automatic Fruit Grading Machine
  • Hot Air Circulation Drying Oven

    Hot air circulation drying machine is a kind of plate style drying machine,it can used to dry all kinds of things like fruits,vegetables,medicine,paper,leather,etc,ideal eequipment for medicine ,chemical ,food and light industry.

    Hot Air Circulation Drying Oven