Frozen Meat Grinder Introduction
Frozen meat grinder can cut meat both into slices and granules. It can not only process frozen meat, but also suitable for fresh meat cutting. Frozen meat mincer is necessary machine for any scale meat processing factory such as sausage making, meat stuff processing.
Frozen Meat Grinder Structure

meat grinder spare parts

meat cutters of frozen meat grinder

Frozen Meat Mincer Features

frozen meat grinder/frozen meat mincer

1. Directly cut frozen meat into slices or meat granules, no need of unfreezing.
2. This meat mincer can also grind fresh meat, garlic, pepper, peanuts.
3. Cutting or grinding time is very short, good for keeping meat fresh.
4. Equip with three sets of pore plates suitable for different kinds of meat.
5. Machines contacting meat is made of advanced stainless steel, up to the standard of food hygiene.
Frozen Meat Grinding Machine Applications
1. This machine is suitable cutting chilled fresh pork, frozen meat, frozen oil, peanuts and all kinds of frozen materials. It can grind frozen meat into φ6-φ16mm meat granules.
2. Indispensable machine for sausage making, meat stuff processing and other meat snacks processing.
Tips For Choosing Suitable Meat Cutting Machine
1. We supply various meat processing machines, our electric meat grinder, meat dicing machine and meat slicing machine enjoy great popularity worldwide.
2. If you want to process frozen meat, the best choice is frozen meat grinder; if you want to process fresh meat, according to your capacity, processed meat size and shape, we will recommend the most suitable one.
Frozen Meat Grinder Technical Data

Model Power Voltage Capacity Speed Knife model Weight Dimensions
AZSJR-100 3 kw 380V/50v 300-500 kg/h 270 r/min Φ3-30 182 kg 980X550X900 mm
AZSJR-120 7.5 kw 380V/50v 1000-1500 kg/h 250 r/min Φ3-30 258 kg 960X550X1080 mm
AZSJR-130 11 kw 380V/50v 1500-2000 kg/h 190 r/min Φ4-35 700 kg 1315X700X1100 mm
AZSJR-160 15 kw 380V/50v 2000-3000 kg/h 136 r/min Φ4-35 1200 kg 1630X1100X1450 mm
AZSJR-200 22 kw 380V/50v 3000-5000 kg/h 87 r/min Φ8-35 1500 kg 1780X1000X1580 mm


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