Meat Dicing Machine Introduction
Meat Dicing Machine is design for meat mincing, making fresh, frozen and cooked meat into graininess with high quality. This machine is suitable for any size of large, medium, small meat processing plant, also can customize any specification machinery according to customers’ requirement.

meat dicing machine

Meat Dicing Machine Features
1. This meat dicing machine is made of stainless steel with reasonable structure, up to the standard of food sanitation.
2. Easy and simple to operate.
3. High efficiency and low energy consumption.
4. Easy to clean and maintain.
5. The dicing size is 4-120mm.
6. The size of cubes is determined by the number of blades in the knife gate.
7. Meat slice and strip can be produced by adjusting the size of knife gate.

Azeus meat dicing machine makes uniform sized meat cubes

Meat Dicer Machine Applications
1. Meat Dicer Machine is used for making all kinds of meat into graininess, such as frozen, fresh, cooked meat and poultry meat with bones into meat slice, strip, cube exactly.
2. Wide business range application: meat processing plant, frozen food plant, leisure food processing plant, Chinese restaurant, western restaurant, any size of large, medium, small meat processing plant, chain catering enterprises, hypermarket, school, large-scale plant logistics dining room, central kitchen, catering company, etc.
Meat Dicer Machine Maintain Methods
1. All the maintenance be started must be in the case of no electric power.
2. Oil the reducer tank every half year.
3. If the blade become blunting, you can discharge it to sharpen use knife stone.
Cautions For Using Meat Dicer
1. When this meat dicer machine is working, don’t touch the rotating blade to avoid hurt somebody.
2. Make sure the machine is in the stable place,
3. Make sure there are no sundries in inlet.
Warm Tips For Choosing Right Meat Dicing Machine
1. Please carefully check the below data first.
2. According to your requirement, we will give you the best service.
3. We also can customize any specification machinery according to your requirement.
Meat Dicer Machine Technical Parameters

Model Voltage Power Cutting size Capacity Dimensions Weight
AZS-MD350 380 v 3 kw 4-84 mm 600-800 Kg/h 1420*810*950 mm 500 kg
AZS-MD550 380 v 3.7 kw 4-84 mm 1000-1200 Kg/h 1950*1050*1100 mm 720 kg


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