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Seeds Roaster Equipment Introduction
Adopting the principle of rotary drum, heat conduction and heat radiation, this seeds roasting machine is used for roasting peanut, sunflower seeds, cashews, almonds, chestnuts, walnuts, sesame, rapeseeds, soybean, herb processing, corn, sorghum, rice, barley, wheat, etc. The roasted nuts is delicious, sanitary with good colour.

Nuts Roaster Equipment Advantages
1. Easy to get the roasted material by press down button, no manual work
2. In the roasting process, roasted material is not stick on roast pan.
3. Nice insulation performance and high heating efficiency.
4. Reasonable structure, easy to operate. The roasted seeds and nuts are of nice color and fragrance.
5. Roasting Machine has 2 methods of heating: electricity and gas. You can choose any one from them.
6. Delicate and flexible design, easy to transport and delivery.
7. Wide application range: suitable for roasting peanut, sunflower seeds, cashews, almonds, chestnuts, walnuts, sesame, rapeseeds, soybean, herb processing, corn, sorghum, rice, barley, wheat, etc.

roasted nuts by nut roasting machineNuts Roaster Equipment Applications
1. Roaster Machine is suit for any shopping mall, supermarket, food exclusive store, chain store, street snacks store, etc.
2. Leisure food industry: sunflower seeds, peanut, cashews, almonds, chestnuts, walnuts, etc.
◎ Oil making industry: sesame, rapeseeds, soybean, etc.
◎ Pharmacy: herb processing, etc.
◎ Grain processing: roasting corn, sorghum, rice, barley, wheat, etc.
◎ Tea making industry: de-enzyme, drying
◎ Feed processing industry: roasting raw material
◎ Chemical industry: drying and heating chemical materials
◎ Tobacco industry: drying tobacco and roasting tobacco
◎ Condiment industry: roasting hot pepper, pepper, anise, fennel, etc.
Seeds Roaster Machine Maintain Methods
    1. Before running, check up worm gear case, if it is lack of oil, you should add engine oil.
2. If not use for a long time, clean the machine and keep little engine oil in the rotary drum.
3. Reuse the machine, run the machine with nothing 10-15 minutes, remove the sundries,
Warm Tips
1. Please carefully check the below data first;
2. Choose the suitable model and heating mode;
3. According to your requirement, we will give you the best service.
We Offer Custmized Roasting Machine, Here Are Specifications For Your Reference
Heated by electricity

 Model  Heater power  Motor power  Capacity  voltage     Dimensions
 AZSRF-30  6-12 kw  0.55 kw  60-90kg/ h  380V/220V  1200*650*1400
 AZSRF-50  6-12 kw  0.55 kw  100-150kg/ h  380V/220V  1350*900*1530
 AZSRF-100 12-24kw     1.5 kw  200-300kg/ h  380V/220V  1550*1080*1750
 AZSRF-150 18-36 kw  1.5 kw  300-450kg/ h  380V/220V  1800*1080*1750
 AZSRF-200  24-42 kw  2.2 kw  400-600kg/ h  380V/220V  2030*1080*1750
 AZSRF-300  30-60 kw  3.0 kw  600-900kg/ h  380V/220V  3300*1080*1750
 AZSRF-500  90 kw  3.0 kw  1500-2000kg/ h  380V/220V  7000*1000*1600

Heated by Gas

Model     Capacity Motor power Voltage Dimensions
AZSRE-30 40-60kg/ h 0.55 kw 80V/220V 1200*600*1200 mm
AZSRE-50 60-90kg/ h 1.5 kw 80V/220V 1350*800*1400 mm
AZSRE-100 100-150kg/ h 1.5 kw 80V/220V 1650*1000*1600 mm
AZSRE-150 200-300kg/ h 2.2 kw 80V/220V 1930*1000*1600 mm


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