Walnut Cracking&Shelling Equipment Introduction

◇ Walnut shelling unit consists of Walnut Cracking Machine and Walnut kernel & shells separator.
◇ Walnut Cracking Machine is particularly useful for cracking walnuts. This machine can be easily adjusted to accommodate nuts such as English walnuts, hazelnuts, or pecans.

walnut shelling machine and walnut separator machine

◇ The objective of walnut kernel & shells separator is to get the meat from hard-shelled nuts in quantity.  
◇ The Walnut Shelling Equipment is professional equipment for shelling walnuts. The Walnut Shelling Equipment is integrated cracking walnuts and separating kernel from shell into a set with the features of compact structure, easy to operate, low power consumption, little noise, etc.

Walnut Shelling Unit/Equipment Advantages

1. The walnut equipment is the newest machine, professional device for cracking walnuts and separating the kernel from the shell.
2. This walnut cracking machine is used for breaking walnut hard shell; you can adjust the clearance to process different size walnuts.
3. Through adjusting the motor to change the rotation speed and internal wind
4. By adjusting internal clearance, to achieve the best effect of shelling
5. The walnuts kernel & shell separating machine can also process cashew nuts, almonds and other types of hard-shelled nuts.
6. Long life service, easy to maintain and little noise.

Walnut Cracking&Shelling Equipment Applications

nuts processed by nuts shelling machine

craked walnuts1. Azeus Walnut Cracking Machine is especially designed for cracking walnuts, not suitable for other nuts. But we can customize other nut cracking machines for the customers if needed.
2. Walnut kernel & shells separator is professionally used for separating meat from hard-shelled nuts, such as walnuts, cashew nuts, almonds and other types of hard-shelled nuts.

Walnut Shelling Unit Working Principle

Walnut Shelling Equipment is mainly used for peeling the hard shell of walnuts to get the meat/kernel. According to the size of walnuts, adjust the internal space to get the optimum effect. Feed materials from the upper part of Walnut Cracking Machine, after cracking the shells, then Walnut Nuts & Shells Separator machine separate meat from shells. So as to save time and energy , improve working efficiency.

Walnut Shelling Equipment Maintain Methods

◇ Before running the Walnut Shelling Equipment, check up each bearing, if it is lack of oil, you should add engine oil.
◇ If not use for a long time, you should clean the machine and keep little engine oil in the parts need lubrication so that it doesn’t rust.
◇ Reuse the machine, run the machine with nothing 10-15 minutes, remove the sundries, and then heating the machine to work.

Warm Tips

Please carefully check the below data first;
☆ Choose the suitable model;
☆According to your requirement, we will give you the best service.

Walnut Cracking Machine Technical Parameters

Model Output Power Voltage
AZS-HTC1 300kg/ h 1.1KW 380V
AZS-HTC2 800kg/ h 3KW 380V

Walnut Nuts & Shells Separator Technical Parameter

Model Output Power Voltage
AZS-HTF 800kg/ h 2.2KW 380V
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