Commercial Dishwasher Introduction
Washing dirty dishes is a troublesome thing, isn't it? Here is a good assistant for you. Our dish washing machine can finish the cleaning process in a very short time with perfect performance. Azeus industrial dish washer is made of full stainless steel, durable and anticorrosive, good helper for hotel, restaurant, dining room, etc. Besides, the industrial dish washer integrates function of dishes cleaning, sterilization and dishes drying.

commercial dishwasher

Automatic Dishwasher Features
1. This machine is made of full stainless steel and anticorrosive material, up to the standard of food sanitation, long-life service.
2. Combined function of dishes washing, sterilization and drying.
3. Enclosed washing process, no dish cloth is needed.
4. Adopt heating method and specialized washing disinfectant to ensure a sanitary cleaning effect.
5. Automatically dry the wet dishes immediately, leaving no water stain.
6. Save electricity and water, low noise.
7. Hoop type design ensures a convenient operation.
8. Three dimensional spray design: wash thoroughly and save water.
9. Cleaning arm equips with anti-blockage stopcock.
Dish Washing Machine-Multifunctional In Fact

Azeus commercial dishwasher

☆ Washing: totally enclosed washing, no need of dishcloth.
☆ Disinfection: adopted heating and specialized detergents.
☆ Drying: directly drying after cleaning, avoiding water stains off the dish, making sure a bright dish surface.
☆ Storage capacity: it can accommodate a few sets of tableware, can be used a cupboard.
☆ Upper and lower bowl basket: more scientifically and reasonably make use of limited space
Commercial Dishwasher Technical Data

Model Capacity Voltage Power Dimensions Weight
AZS-FS60 1000-1200pcs/h 380V 8Kw 660*750*1350mm 600Kg


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Product Name: Commercial Dishwasher
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