Ice Cube Machine Introduction
Ice cube maker is a kind of refrigerating equipment which makes water through evaporator to cooling by refrigeration system refrigerant then generating ice. According to the shapes of ice, there are several kinds of ice maker: particle ice maker, slice ice machine, plate ice machine, tube ice machine, shells ice machine, etc.
What advantages does Ice Making Machine have ?

ice cube machine

1. Ice cube making machine is made of high quality stainless steel (304) frame, anti-corrosion and durable, up to the standard of food sanitation, independent construction and place saving.
2. Take the advanced Italian ice technology and full brand parts, leading quality and stable performance.
3. Advance compressor avoids the damage in hot temperature hostile environment.
4. Full copper condenser and cooling line, long-life service.
5. Ice tray thicken nickel plating layer, which is beneficial to speed up the forming ice speed, and the speed of taking off the ice is faster than ever.
6. Inner container is made of full ABS plastic, vacuum forming in one time, no need of labour .
7. Water line is equipped with filtering device, avoiding large particle blockage.
8. Compressor and water pump is equipped with thermal protector.
9. Cost-effective, compared with general machines, our ice cube maker efficiency increases by more than 30%.
Ice Cube Making Machine Applications
1. This Azeus Ice Maker is mainly used for making cube ice for freezing fresh food.
2. Quite wide business application scope: such as seafood processing factory, catering industry, restaurant, milk tea shop, hotel, lab.
The key steps of Warm Tips
1. Please carefully check the below technical parameters of ice making machine first, there must be one model suit for you.
2. If you still have any other question or want to get more information, please feel free to contact us.
Ice Cube Machine Technical Parameters

Model AZS300 AZS400 AZS500 AZS700 AZS1000 AZS1600 AZS2000
main engine
 560x630x520  560x630x570  760x645x497  760X645X685  760X645X775  1220X625X540  1220x625x600
store container
 560x810x710  560x810x710  760x840x785  760X840X855  760X840X855  1220x860x1030  1220x860x1030
Voltage  220V/50Hz
Power  630W  680W  850W  1450W  2020W  2750W  3850W
Capacity/Day  136kg  180kg  227kg  318kg  455kg     727kg  910kg
Store Capacity  100kg  100kg  150kg  180kg  180kg  480kg  480kg
Making Ice Way  Running Water
Cooling Way  Air     Air /water   Water
Refrigerant  R22


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Product Name: Ice Cube Maker
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