Automatic Donut Machine Introduction
The automatic donut machine is the most popular equipment applied to produce tasty doughnuts with different size and nice appearance. Using screw-type height adjustment device and automatic temperature control system makes the whole processing more convenient and much easier. It is the best choice for catering industries to produce snack food.

automatic donuts machine

Automatic Donut Machine Features
* Applied micro computer temperature control system to guarantee precise operation.
* The automatic donuts making machine can adjust the donuts thickness by regulating the amount of the materials.
* The outlet height can be adjusted according to the oil level due to special screw-type height adjustment design.
* There are two switches on the dashboard, making two options of the discharged donuts number, one or two at one time.
* Stainless steel material ensures durable and longer service life.
* Practical, safe and easy operation with high output.

donuts made by automatic donuts making machine

Automatic Donut Machine Application
Suitable for various catering and service industry, such as tea restaurant, cake room, coffee shop, western food shop, leisure food factory, frozen foods factory, etc.
Brief Donuts Making Process
The complete donuts making process mainly includes six parts: raw material mixing, stirring, molding, frying, cooling and package. Donuts, which are simple, tasty, irresistible and classic, are popular snack for people. For centuries this unassuming little snack has delighted young and old alike. Call them donuts, doughnuts, or beignet, their enduring appeal and popularity reaches right around the world. A seaside treat, a winter warmer, the perfect way to lighten up that dull office meeting. Donuts and coffee, who can resist? So if you want to invest in donuts making industry, grasp this promising market.
Automatic Donut Machine Technical Data

Model Voltage Power Capacity Dimension Net Weight Gross Weight Material
AZS-T 220v/50Hz 6kw 300-1200 pcs/h 1100x550x650mm 45kg 65kg Stainless steel


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