one layer gas deck oven

Gas Deck Oven Introduction
Our gas deck oven has integrated the advantages of similar machines, featured with novel style, reasonable structure, flame-out protection device, inspection window and light, which is convenient to operate and largely enhance the baking quality. This deck oven is the ideal equipment designed for baking various tasty bread, pastry, cake, as well as Chinese and western foodstuff.

two layers gas deck oven

Remarkable Features of Gas Deck Oven
♦ Automatic temperature control system and flame-out protection device design, safe and reliable.
♦ Equipped with timer, inspection window and light, convenient to operate and enhance the baking quality.
♦ Use gas for heating, no restriction of operation space, cost-saving and high returns.
♦ Reasonable structure, high efficiency, uniform heating, easy operation and maintenance.
Gas Engine Deck Oven Working Principle
The gas deck oven adopts blast principle, making reasonable ratio of gas and air. In order to adapt to low temperature fire up, this deck oven uses two times air

three layers gas deck oven

inlet. The first time air inlet allows little wind which makes the fire up much easier. Controlled by the timer, after 5-10 seconds, the wind becomes stronger, which makes the gas in furnace fully burning.
How To Choose Most Suitable Deck Oven
▶ If for home use, electric deck oven is the best choice. Because electric deck oven is highly featured with saving energy, safety, easy cleaning, etc.
▶ If for commercial use, choosing the gas deck oven is much better. Gas deck oven adopts open air which makes the baked snacks more tasty.
▶ For biscuits, gas deck oven is much better. The baked biscuits by gas deck oven are of much level sense and also more crisp. If use electric deck oven, heating and cooling process is too quick, the flavor is not so good.
We provide two types deck oven for your choice, our professional sales staff will recommend the most suitable machine to you according to your requirements.

gas deck oven makes various bread and cakes

Wide Application Range of Gas Deck Oven
Suitable for baking various tasty bread, pastry, cake, as well as Chinese and western foodstuff.
Suitable for cake factory, cake shop, supermarket, store, school and units’ canteen, food factory, individual food processing house, etc.
Tips For Caring for Your Oven
* Read the Installation, Operating and Maintenance Instructions thoroughly before you start a gas deck oven.
* Regular cleaning can ensure a long time service life.
* Be sure the oven doors close tightly so no heat escapes.
*Avoid slamming or standing on the oven doors.
Gas Deck Oven Technical Data

Item Name one layer two trays two layer four trays three layer six trays three layer nine trays
Specified voltage 220V/50HZ 220V/50HZ 220V/50HZ 220V/50HZ
Gas consumption 0.32kg/h 0.65kg/h 0.96kg/h 1.27kg/h
Temperature range 50-300℃ 50-300℃ 50-300℃ 50-300℃
Fuel Gas Gas Gas Gas
Roast Dish Dimensions 400x600mm 400x600mm 400x600mm 400x600mm
Overall Dimension 1350*950*520mm 1350*940*1450mm 1350*930*1400mm 1780*880*1810mm
 Net Weight  120kg  220kg  320kg  420kg


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Product Name: Multifunctional Gas Deck Oven
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