Mini Donut Machine Introduction
Our mini donut machine is professional food machinery designed to make delicious cake-style doughnuts only in 3-5 minutes. The double-side heating design can guarantee the baking evenly and fully. The finished donuts are of beautiful appearance and tasty to eat.

mini donuts machine

mini donuts maker

Mini Donut Machine Features
* Stainless steel outline border; aluminum mold.
* Double-side heating design, heating more evenly and fully, making finished products in uniform color and better quality.
* Timing prompt functions, operating simpler.
* Automatic temperature control system offers humanization operation.
* Non-stick coating plates making clean easier.
* Simple structure, stable performance and eco-friendly, high capacity.
* Add other ingredients such as chocolate, coco power and jam according to your own habits.

mini dounuts machine makes delicate donuts

Mini Donut Machine Application
It is widely used in various food processing industries, such as tea restaurant, cake room, coffee shop, bakery, western food shop, drinks shop, etc.

pink donuts made by mini donuts machine

Donuts: a Kind of Fashionable Pastry
In western Countries, donuts are popular just like the TV drama especially in Spain, America and France. As long as relevant TV drama which is connected with fashion and young people or advertising drama existing, there will appear doughnuts figure. Thus donut has become the symbol of fashion, young and romance due to its lovely shape and delicious taste. More and more young people prefer to eat this fashionable pastry as dessert after meal. If you want to make delicious donuts at home, purchasing a mini donut machine is a wise choice.
Mini Donut Machine Technical Data

Model Voltage Power Capacity Dimension Gross Weight Model shape
AZSM 220v/50Hz 1.5KW 5 pieces/time 410*380*310mm 9kg round shape
AZSP 220v/50Hz 1.5KW 5 pieces/time 410*380*310mm 9kg plum flower shape


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