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Automatic Soft Icecream Vending Machine Introduction
Automatic soft ice cream vending machine is a kind of ice cream making unit, suitable for making ice cream, frozen yoghurt, soft icecream, yogurt. It adopts parameters setting-up service for various kinds of bill & coin acceptor and is widely used in supermarket, university, gas station, park, carnie, theater, exhibition, etc.
Automatic Soft Icecream Vending Machine Features


1.Automation: Insert the money to get ice cream cone and ice cream
2.Vending: It accepts two different values of coin and three different values of bill. It gives out changes in the form of coin: one single value.
3.It equips with parameters setting-up service for various kinds of bill & coin acceptor.
4.Product Offering: Offer all popular soft serve variations from ice cream to low or non-fat frozen yoguet. Serve two separate and one twist flavors
5.The standby mode maintains safe product temperatures in mix hopper and freezing cylinder during long no-use periods.
6.The size of serving is adjustable: bigger or smaller portion.
7.Provides required level of viscosity for servings.
8.Mix level indicator and alarm.
9.Two main compressors with separate control system.


10.Pressure protect function for the cooling system.
11.Equipped with touch screen control: two separate control panels, you can set up the parameters for production and operation and demonstration of getting the ice cream cone, ice cream and changes.
12.Durable construction with stainless cover makes a modern and luxurious outward appearance.
Soft Icecream Vending Machine Working Process
1.Insert the coin or bill.
2.Press cone button.
3.Take out the cone.
4.Put the cone on the holder.
5.Press the green button to produce.
6.Okay, take it away.
7.Press the change button.
8.Take out the charge.





Functions of Automatic Soft Icecream Vending machine

  • Pre-cooling

  • Gravity feed

  • Mixer

  • Counter

  • Heat treatment

  • Defrosting

  • Deinfection

Remote Monitoring System

  • To timely discover the machine failure and directly send working diagnosis message to the factory monitoring centers as well as the owner’s mobile phone: solve the problems more quickly.

  • To monitor the real-time sales of the soft serve as well as liquid level in the hoppers and directly send alarm notification to the owners mobile phone: alert to add material.

Automatic Soft Icecream Vending Machine Parameters



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