Fried Ice Machine Introduction
Fried ice machine is used for making fried ice, fried ice fruit, fried ice cream, fried ice porridge, etc. The operation of this machine is easy. In hot summer, fried ice not only satisfies your stomach, but also clearing summer-heat. So the market demand is large, the investment is low, the profits is high. We have two types of fried ice machine, single pan fried ice machine and double pans fried ice machine.

single pan fried ice machine

Fried Ice Maker Features
1. Fried Ice Machine is the best equipment of modern novel cold drinks.
2. Equipped with high power compressors to ensure fast cooling and consistent performance.
3. The fried ice machine can make all kinds of sugar liquid into fried ice of snow mud shape in a short moment. The ice degree can be controlled according to your requirement.4. Streamlined construction design.
5. Applicable to a wide range of materials like sugary liquid.

double pans fried ice machine

6. You can choose starting business at many places such as shopping malls, schools, cold drink shop, etc.
7. Suitable for four seasons: sugar alcohol Fried ice, in cold winter, can remove cold produce worm.
8. Convenient to operate, easy to clean.
Fried Ice /Icecream Maker Applications
1. Wide usage: various types of the hard and soft taste ice cream, ice sand, ice mud, snow ice, fruit ice, ice porridge, etc.
2. Wide material: every liquid containing sugar is ok: such as fruit juice, milk, soybean milk, soda, coffee, cocoa, ice cream, fresh fruit, juice, milk, soft drink, cola, beer, porridge, etc. You can also match with fresh fruit or preserved fruit.
3. Wide business range: suitable for stations, shopping malls, cinemas, theaters, stadiums, tourist attractions, schools, cold drink shop, residential area, rural town, etc.

Azeus fried ice machine makes various types fried ice

Whipped Ice Characteristics
1. Wide adaptability: suitable for men, women, old and young;
2. Very interesting: the processing food has a nice flavor, any beverage cannot reach;
3. The fried ice has many kinds of color and shape, with rich nutrition, the taste is great;
4. Can clearing summer-heat, promoting blood circulation and salivation. So it will replace traditional cold food, and lead the new trend of cold drinks, then hold modern cold drinks market.
The Advantages of Fried Ice Project
This emerging industry which is low investment high return, offers nice job opportunities and rich ways for entrepreneur especially for laid-off workers.
Single Pan Fried Ice Machine Technical Parameters

Model Voltage    Power Capacity Dimensions    Weight
(single round pots)
220V 980W 12Kg/h 550*550*700mm    33kg
(single round pans )
220V    1080W    15Kg/h 550*550*700mm 35kg
(single flat pans)
220V 1500W 20Kg/h    550*550*700mm 37kg


Double Pan Fried Ice Machine Technical Parameters

Model Voltage    Power Capacity Dimensions Weight
(double round pots)
220V 1.5Kw 18Kg/h 840*460*700mm 40kg
(double round pans )
220V 1.5Kw    20Kg/h 840*460*700mm 42kg
(double flat pans)
220V 1.5Kw 20Kg/h 840*460*700mm 42kg


Single Pan Ice Whipping Machine Video

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