Some detailed information about the three-wheeled electric mobile food cart
1. Both sides are fiber glass with the characters: high strength, light weight, corrosion resistant, insulating and fire-resistance.
2. The inside and outside of the food cart uses car paint.
3. The backboard of the food cart uses double-layer color steel plate with thermal insulating layer;
4. The front veil is anti-impact board;
5. The bottom has inflatable wheels and is equipped with high-speed bearings and 4 jacks; 
We equip with some standard equipments
Model of Electric Mobile Food Cart-Three-Wheeled series

electric food cart

1. The motor and battery is the main parts of electric type mobile food truck. 
2. The specification of battery is 12V, 120A.
3. About four-wheeled electric mobile food truck, the fastest speed is 30-35KM/H, the far you can run 60-80KM.
1. AWF-01
2. AWF-02
How to Start Hot Dog Business
Hot dog business is really a profitable venture especially when you have a considerate plan before starting. Here is personal advice for your own business.
1. The first to consider is the equipment for selling hot dogs. You can rent a used mobile food cart or choose a reliable mobile food cart manufacturer to buy a new one. Azeus mobile food cart is equipped with hot dog machine, very convenient for small business investment.
2. The following thing is the hot dog recipe. Make sure that the hot dog that you want to sell in your hot dog machine has a delightful taste that your clients will love. You can choose several flavors for a try and then choose the most popular kinds.
3. Another factor that directly determines your returns is the business location. Make sure that you choose locations where there are a number of your prospective clients. It’s a good idea to take your mobile food van to major sports event, state level ceremonies, parks where you will find a huge crowd.


potato chips

fried chicken

fried noodles

We can customize the following auxiliary parts for mobile food cart

Coffee machine/Potato spiral
Ice crusher /Ice maker
Fridge /Hot dog machine
Ice cream machine /Crepes oven
Microwave oven /Fryers
Griddle/Square iron hot plate
Display cabinet /BBQ machine
Heating oven /Steamer


mobile food cart inner structure

how to start business with electric food cart

Purchase Tips
1. If you need farther journey, and sell more fast food, or make it as mobile small restaurant, we suggest you choose electric type mobile food cart.
2. If you just sell fast food, no need to travel long journey, you can choose the hand push mobile food cart or trailer mobile food cart.


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Product Name: Electric Mobile Food Cart
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