• Brush Type Vegetable Washing&Peeling Machine

    This vegetable washing & peeling machine is suitable for processing root vegetables like potato, carrots and fruits like kiwi fruits, etc. High peeling rate, no damage to vegetable and fruits skin.

    Brush Type Vegetable Washing&Peeling Machine
  • Multi-function Vegetable Cutter Machine

    Suitable for all kinds of root vegetables, stem vegetables, leafy vegetables.Can cut vegetables into different nice shapes: dice, slice, diamond, and curve.

    Multi-function Vegetable Cutter Machine
  • Fruit /Vegetable Dicer Machine

    Suitable for cutting vegetables into cubes and strips. Cubes size: 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15mm.

    Fruit /Vegetable Dicer Machine
  • Automatic Onion Root Cutting Machine

    Specially designed for cutting onion root & head in an efficient and sanitary way.

    Automatic Onion Root Cutting Machine
  • Mushroom Slicing Machine

    This machine is mainly used for slicing mushroom automatically,the slices are of uniform thickness and smooth surface.

    Mushroom Slicing Machine
  • Green Soy Bean Peeling Machine

    Mainly used for removing the peel of green soybean automatically and perfectly, also suitable for pea and cowpea.

    Green Soy Bean Peeling Machine
  • Bulbous Vegetable Cutting Machine

    1.Made of high quality stainless steel, meet the food safety standard. 2.The cutting knives can be changed to cut fruits and vegetables into different shapes and size.

    Bulbous Vegetable Cutting Machine
  • Garlic Separating & Peeling Production Line

    1.Automatic digital control,high rate of the whole garlic clove,damage-free. 2. Suitable for large batch production in vegetable processing factory, canteen and individual businessman.

    Garlic Separating & Peeling Production Line
  • Garlic Mud Cutting Machine

    The garlic mud cutting machine is special equipment which applied to cut vegetables and fruits into mud or paste, ideal device in fruit & vegetable processing industry.

    Garlic Mud Cutting Machine
  • Vegetable Centrifugal Dewatering Machine

    The centrifugal dewatering machine enjoys great popularity in vegetable and fruit processing industry,it can finish dewatering in short time with high speed and without damage.

    Vegetable Centrifugal Dewatering Machine
  • Vegetable Dehydration Machine

    The vegetable dehydration machine is widely used to remove the surface water of washed and cleaned vegetables,fruits,etc.High efficiency and energy saving.

    Vegetable Dehydration Machine
  • Vegetable Granule Cutting Machine

    1.The cutter adopts high quality steel or stainless steel material, sharp blade, no corrosion phenomenon of vegetables. 2.The cut vegetables are neat and smooth, in regular shape, having the manual cutting effect.

    Vegetable Granule Cutting Machine